03 Apr The Father’s Got You!

Today your Heavenly Father loves you!

He is holding your hand. He’s got this. Whatever it is and whatever you are going, the Creator of the universe—Almighty God has got you!  He loved you so much that He gave up and sent His Son to take your place on that cross. A lot of you have children, could you do the same?  No we couldn’t. That is the scope of His love for you.

Maybe you grew up without a father or had an abusive one.  But this is a new day.  Open your heart. He will never leave you or forsake you…Deut. 31:6

Let His arms hold you, let His presence surround you, because in His presence is peace, love and joy.

Tell Him how much you love and need Him.  He is always there for you. Romans 8:38-39 reminds us that nothing can separate you from His love.

If you have sinned today, know that He forgives you and sees you cleansed through His Sons shed blood.

If you are saying I know all this already. What’s the point here? That’s the problem. We forget the basic message of the Fathers love. If you really believed that Almighty God loved you and that He is a good father to you, you would be unstoppable in all that you do!

Father is one your side. He’s pulling for you and He wants you to succeed in all that you do.  Be encouraged today in knowing that you are unconditionally loved by God.

Connie Bruss


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